Question:  What do you think of Hal Lindsey and his reports/books about the Middle East?
Answer: I'm not a big Hal Lindsey fan (his escotology is the worst) but I do like some of his reports on the Middle East. He's not the best authority though on the subject. Other then myself I would point you to the Golden Report by Jerry Golden or someone else who lives there and can tell you what's really going on in the country. Those who don't live there don't have the best perspective. It's like one living in China and learning about Americans from someone who doesn't live here. Sure they can get some info, but it's much better to get it from a native.

Question: Did the Jews reject Jesus?
Answer:  To say "the Jews rejected Jesus" is a blanket statement and it isn't correct. The first church was entirely Jewish! Even the rulers of the Jews were divided concerning Him (John 9). There were Pharisaical rulers who were behind Him 100%. Also to say that "Jesus was rejected by the Jews" would imply the Gentiles received Him. Please tell me what Nation accepted Him??? The truth is there were some SOME people in DIFFERENT nations that accepted Him but NO other nation accepted Him any more then Israel did. There were some SOME churches/synagogues (small congregations of Jews in other countries) that accepted Him in Galatia for example. But NO COUNTRY accepted Him as a nation. Paul did go to the Gentiles, this is true but the Disciples in Jerusalem didn't just quit evangelizing the Jews. Matter of fact even Paul went "to the Jew first". This whole idea that the "Jews rejected Him" and the Gentiles "received Him" is of Roman Catholic origin. They refused to see that the first church was all Jewish and they ripped anything of Jewish origin from their "Christianized" theology and replaced much of it with paganism (i.e. Christmas/Easter) and looked at the country (Italy) as a nation which "received Christ". The truth is, Italy has never been a nation of G-d but a nation of Catholicism worshipping Mary!
Even in our own "Christian nation" of the US, how many are truly Saved? What is a G-dly nation? Well, when we look in the Bible and see Israel when it was following G-d... that is our example of a G-dly nation. A time the worshippers of Baal were forbidden to throw their babies into the fire as a sacrifice, a time when G-d went before them in battle where G-d fought the battles for them under impossible odds, a time when it's leaders fell prostrate before Jehovah and wept for their people... that was a G-dly nation!!!
Is G-d helping us? Of course He is but we are far from where we're supposed to be. That's all changing however. G-d is now separating the wheat from the chaff and we'll see a purified church here in the US I'm confident... because we DO have many believers here.

Question: Does Israel really belong to the Jews? Didn’t they lose it because they fell into sin?
Answer: The land of Israel bel;ongs to the Jews forever. G-d said to Abraham that the land would be his through ALL generations. Even when Israel is in sin... the land is still theirs. AlsoIf you take a look at the land G-d promised Abraham it's a lot more then what Israel has today. G-d gave the boundaries to Abraham when He made His covenant with him. The land today includes parts of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria as well. In the End days, G-d says that Israel will have ALL it's boundaries... I don't think these countries I've just mentioned are going to give them up freely! So that means of course there will be more wars! There are some that believe that ALL the prophecies in the Bible are fulfilled... they are deceived. There are many that are not yet fulfilled. If you want to know when Jesus is coming back... look for those wars to come to pass first.

Question: Are the Jews going to miss Jesus when He returns?
Answer: No! The Jews WILL be saved. The Scripture says And ALL Israel shall be Saved it also says... therefore the REDEEMED of the L-rd shall return unto Zion! Church theologians try to say that that's the Church going to heaven. I tell them "then please tell me how the church RETURNS to someplace they've never been? As far as I know, the church hasn't been to heaven.
So here we have the NATION of Israel getting Saved BEFORE the Anti-Christ entering into Israel hallelujah! It is a Born Again, REDEEMED, G-dly Nation of Israel facing the Devil and his cohorts. Boy does this irritate heretics and false theologians... we're talking about a bunch of them NO GOOD Jews (their terminology) accepting Jesus as their personal L-rd and Savior. There’s nothing more that anti-Semites hate then that!!!

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